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Superior quality beef is achieved through proper aging and selection. The time-honored craft of Dry Aging has been trusted for years to produce a unique, special balance of texture, tenderness and flavor.

L&L Packing is proud to be a supplier of true Dry Aged beef. With our state-of-the-art Dry Aging cooler we are able to produce some of the finest quality products for your most discriminating customers. If you want to offer your customers the best, then Dry Aged beef is for you.

We always start with Midwestern Corn Fed Beef. For ideal consistency, the top two thirds of the USDA Choice and USDA Prime grade are hand selected and placed in our dedicated facility. All product is aged on the bone in a carefully controlled environment. Temperature, humidity and air flow are monitored around the clock to ensure proper conditions.

During its stay in the cold room a natural aging process occurs which makes the beef more and more tender. At the same time it develops the characteristic Dry Aged flavor, becoming richer and more complex. After 28 days the product is aged to perfection and ready for you and your customer.

Dry Aged Beef – “Simply the Best”

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