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  1. PORTION COST CONTROL is as easy and simple as it could be. The exact number of portions in a pound of meat is known even before the meat is purchased.

  2. THERE IS NO WASTE. Every ounce of meat bought can be served. No trimming or boning by the restaurant is necessary.

  3. UNIFORM COOKING TIME is possible. Because all cuts of a certain order of meat are the exact same size, shape and weight, they all require the same cooking time. This eliminates the chance of some cuts being overdone while others are not done enough.

  4. LITTLE IF ANY LABOR is required. Only the cooking job remains to be done, with even pre-breaded cuts available.

  5. NO SKILLED PERSONNEL NEED TO BE EMPLOYED for cutting meat. The processor pays highly skilled meat cutters to prepare the portion-ready product so the customer doesn't have to.

  6. NO DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMERS because of uneven portions. They are all the same size.

  7. EASIER SANITATION MAINTENANCE. There is no mess of cutting.

  8. NO LEFTOVERS. Portion ready steaks can be taken right from the refrigerators, as the demand requires.

  9. LESS REFRIGERATION SPACE IS NEEDED. Portion ready steaks come compactly packaged for premium storage space.

  10. LESS EQUIPMENT is needed to serve meals, since no preparation previous to cooking is necessary.

  11. UNIFORM QUALITY of meats is strictly maintained by purveyors you can trust.

  12. SMALL INVENTORY is required. This means that fewer dollars need to be invested in unused meats and waste.

  13. NO NEED TO BE “OUT” of a particular meat order. A supply of portion-ready meats on hand means there is a serving instantly available at any hour.

  14. LOSS DUE TO PILFERAGE can be eliminated. The inventory can be entrusted to one person and responsibility fixed.

  15. NO LOSS DUE TO SPOILAGE. The cuts may come individually packaged fresh or frozen and can be kept frozen until cooked.

  16. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS. You can serve everything you pay for and you can decide even before you buy what you should charge per portion to make a profit. Portion cost figuring is exact.

Because of all these points, THE COST PER SERVING OF MEAT CAN BE LOWERED. As suppliers of portion ready meats, we know that while these products may cost somewhat more per pound than carcass meats, the elimination of waste and the reduction of time, equipment and labor necessary to serve them results in lower cost per serving. Greater profits are made due to the control of costs such as these.

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